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Meet the Staff
Christie Morgan LMT

Hello! I am the owner and founder of Symmetry Integrative Heath. I have been doing Massage Therapy since 2006, specializing in Deep Tissue, Energy Work, and Deep Relaxation. I also teach Yoga, and continue to study this beautiful practice. Symmetry was created to offer different types of services with the intention to help the customer find a healthy balance of physical, mental, and spiritual wellness. My loves are Massage, Yoga, Spiritual concepts, Jesus, Pranic Healing, Reiki, my friends and family, my animals, music, art, hiking, waterfalls, travelling, dance, and writing. If you need information on the latest happenings at Symmetry, feel free to call or text us!!! Namaste.

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   Beth Wimberly

   Hi! I'm Beth Wimberly, and I absolutely love what practicing yoga continues to bring to my life! I have been practicing for about 6 years and got certified as an instructor with my 200 hour RYT during October of 2020. I began teaching in-person classes in November of 2020 and am loving it!

There are several aspects of yoga that draw me to it. One is the idea of self- acceptance in your practice. Within each practice, we work on accepting and loving our bodies with whatever they have to give us that day.  We practice not judging ourselves in class, which ideally can transfer to how we treat ourselves outside of our yoga practice.

I also love that yoga provides the opportunity to be still, be quiet, and observe. We all know that life can be very busy, so taking even 5 minutes to slow down and observe how we feel (physically, emotionally, and even spiritually) is wonderful and so calming!

Finally, I enjoy how it feels to take time to strengthen in yoga poses.  How are your feet placed? How's your posture? Are you able to unclench muscles that subconsciously tighten up? Yoga does not have to be a fast-paced practice. I find the beauty in keeping it slower, with controlled movements.

Aside from yoga, I'm a married, stay-at-home mom of two middle schoolers. I enjoy reading, travelling, and kick-boxing. 

Mandy Scholes, LMT

   Hey there! 

My name is Mandy. A native to Fort Walton Beach, I have been a massage therapist since 2016, graduating from Pensacola State College.

Since 2017, I have been working at a chiropractic office in Shalimar, focusing mainly on medical massage. During my time there, I also became a registered chiropractic assistant. Over the past few years, I've built an amazing rapport with my clients, helping them recover from auto accidents, post-surgical soreness, limited range of motion, and the everyday wear and tear of life. 

In April of 2022, I became a yoga instructor. After traveling to Cocoa Beach, FL for an intensive 3 week teacher training, I began my work at Symmetry.

What lead me to pursue this yoga certification is that I very strongly believe we store our emotions and worries in our bodies, which eventually manifests into pain and limitations. 

My belief is that so many people have lost the connection with their physical self and practicing yoga would offer them a chance to reconnect with their body, giving them the ability to recognize not only their physical stress but their emotional stress. It also allows us a mental break for the necessary act of centering and a moment to ourselves to gather the strength to keep going, both needed to start healing.

My children are the inspiration to everything I do. My oldest Audrey, graduated high school in 2021 and my little one, Olivia, entered kindergarten in 2022. We all like to enjoy our beautiful beaches, afternoons doing arts and crafts, and weekend road trips. For my me-time, hiking through the mountains is my thing. You gotta keep moving to keep moving!

Hope to see you here!

Teresa Felstead LMT, PTA

Specializing in Medical and Orthopedic Massage, Myofascial and Scar release techniques, Aromatouch Therapy, and Thai Massage techniques. 


Phillip Ostrowski LMT,PTA

Specializing in Myofascial Release, JFB

Orthopedic Massage and Pain Management techniques.


Delaine Edwards  TCP, RN

Hi! I am Delaine. I have a passion and hunger for learning. Studying Eastern philosophies and healing modalities have been the focus of my passion. I have been a registered nurse for twenty-two years specializing in psychiatry and addiction. Through my training in Tibetan Cranial Therapy and Yoga Nidra, I have begun to understand the depth of our innate ability to heal ourselves and the empowerment in which this brings for deep awareness and connection to the Divine. I am continuously grateful for my healing journey and all the joy, pain, and humbling experiences that have formed the base on which I stand. The greatest teacher in my life is my beautiful son. He has humbled me and stretched my perception in ways that only Love in its truest, rawest form can.  I believe connection to self, others, and God is the strongest and most powerful medicine. I am honored to stand witness and support you on your own individual healing journey. 

             Tibetan Cranial Therapy

Delaine’s practice is built on a foundation of over 20 years of experience in health care, focusing on psychiatry and addiction. As a registered nurse and holistic practitioner, she brings passionate, intentional connection. Through her training, she has begun to understand the depth of our innate ability to heal ourselves and the empowerment in which this brings for deep awareness.

Please call with any questions or to schedule an appointment 850-582-5318

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