Beth Wimberly

Hi! I'm Beth Wimberly, and I absolutely love what practicing yoga continues to bring to my life! I have been practicing for about 6 years and got certified as an instructor with my 200 hour RYT during October of 2020. I began teaching in-person classes in November of 2020 and am loving it!

There are several aspects of yoga that draw me to it. One is the idea of self- acceptance in your practice. Within each practice, we work on accepting and loving our bodies with whatever they have to give us that day.  We practice not judging ourselves in class, which ideally can transfer to how we treat ourselves outside of our yoga practice.

I also love that yoga provides the opportunity to be still, be quiet, and observe. We all know that life can be very busy, so taking even 5 minutes to slow down and observe how we feel (physically, emotionally, and even spiritually) is wonderful and so calming!

Finally, I enjoy how it feels to take time to strengthen in yoga poses.  How are your feet placed? How's your posture? Are you able to unclench muscles that subconsciously tighten up? Yoga does not have to be a fast-paced practice. I find the beauty in keeping it slower, with controlled movements.

Aside from yoga, I'm a married, stay-at-home mom of two middle schoolers. I enjoy reading, travelling, and kick-boxing. 

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