Reiki Level One Certification Course





Taught by Pragnya Ananda, Reiki Master Teacher, E-RYT 500  


Date:  June 26, 2021

Time:  1-5pm

Investment:  $150

Contact info: 850-598-7515

"If Reiki can be spread throughout the world, it will touch the human heart and the morals of society. It will be helpful for many people not only healing disease, but the Earth as a whole." -Dr Mikao Usui


Reiki is a holistic healing system that brings balance and harmony to the body, mind, emotions, and spirit. Much like yoga and Ayurveda, Reiki treats the individual as a "whole", encouraging the body's natural ability to heal itself.


The Reiki practitioner does not "heal", rather they are the vehicle for divine energy to flow, thus promoting self-healing, providing a sense of well-being, and encouraging personal growth and spiritual development.  


What's covered in this Course:


* History of Reiki

* Nature of Reiki energy

* Principles of Reiki Healing

* Introduction to the Chakras

* Self-Healing Techniques

* Level One Reiki Attunement

* Reiki Level One Training Certificate


What to bring:


* Journal / Notebook & Pens

* Refillable water bottle

* Lunch / light snacks~

* Comfort items such as a meditation cushion, favorite blanket, tea, crystals, etc

* Wear loose, comfortable clothing


What to expect:


After the course you may experience a temporary emotional re-balancing, higher state of consciousness, increased sensitivity, heightened awareness, and enhanced intuition.


You will be expected to do the self-healing practice taught in this course for a certain period of time to support your well-being and strengthen the flow of Reiki in your being.


Give yourself ample time for rest and self-care following the course, at least one full day.