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                         CLASSES ARE HAPPENING!!!

Welcome to Symmetry Integrative Health. We have price options for you!         1 month pass for $55, Buy 5 or more classes on a Punch card for $12 a class, or drop in price $14 a class.


                   CLASS SCHEDULE 


5:30 pm  Meditation yoga practice with Christie 


9:00 am  Gentle Flow Yoga with Beth

5:30 pm  Yoga Mix with Christie


9:30 am   Chair Yoga with Missy

5:30 pm   "Let's Flow" Hatha yoga with Christie


9:00 am   Gentle Flow Yoga with Beth

5:30 pm   Yoga Mix with Christie ( 1hr and 15 min)


9:30 am   Chair Yoga with Missy


 9:00 am Restore and Renew with Beth

Our classes range from beginner to advanced. Beginners are welcome in all classes. Our teachers 

are well equipped to guide the student in modifications in a safe, caring environment to make you feel at home. Come join the Symmetry family today for yoga. We look forward to sharing our energy with you.



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